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Our Production Process

Our Production Process

We pride ourselves on growing a superior quality of product capable of meeting and exceeding the requirements of the most stringent regulatory environments in the world.



Exposure to moisture transitions the seed from its phase of dormancy to active growth.

Seedling Development


Embryonic leaves develop to allow the seedling to gather sunlight. It is placed in well irrigated nutrient-rich soil.


Nursery Growth

Early development is closely controlled in optimal greenhouse conditions. This allows for the growth a thick stem capable of supporting the emergence of new larger leaves.

Outdoor Transplant


Having developed sufficiently the young plants are transported to the netted outdoor growth area. Here they benefit from the natural high quality of Lesotho’s air, free from the pollutants of more industrialised areas, as well as its abundance of summer sunshine.


Seasonal Growth

Upon reaching maturity the plants transition from their vegetative state to their flowering state. The quality of their care ensures the development of an abundance of the highest quality Cannabinoids.



The plants are roughly trimmed in the fields and collected.


Passive Drying

Trimmings are hung in a specialised drying room to remove excess moisture. From here they can become any of a number of products we offer.

"The seed 

to salvation"

Michael Patterson  NHA, OTR/L, CEAS

President MGMC Group

Facility Tour


We invite you to take a tour around one of our GAP compliant indoor and outdoor growing facilities, located in our operational hub of

The Kingdom of Lesotho.

Facility Tour
Seed Dev
Nursery Growth
Outdoor Trans
Seasonal growth
Passive Drying
Our Products

Our Products

MGMC Group’s mission is to become one of the leading producers of high-quality high yield African origin cannabis and hemp products. Effective genetic research and production methods allow us to offer a diverse selection of products & strains at prices that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Our cultivation & outgrow programmes, in conjunction with strategic private label tolling manufacturing agreements, allow us to supply large quantities of EU GMP compliant  Pharmaceutical grade cannabis products.


Cannabinoid rich organic product.

Cannabinoid rich

organic product.


Dried Flower

offered in smaller

individual packaging.

Crude Oil

Organic Cannabinoid Oil in its raw form.

Bespoke / Custom

Made to order Cannabinoid concentrates.

Isolates /

Refined Cannabinoid Oil made to specification.


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient: Highest concentration of THC & CBD.


If you like to discuss any of the specifics regarding our product range or strains then please get in touch directly with one of our team leaders here. 

Medical Cannabis

About Medical Cannabis

History of

Medicinal Cannabis


Medical Applications

The presence of cannabis in Africa can be traced back to 1500 BCE. Used as a painkiller, anti-inflammatory, and anti-epileptic it has been labelled a Panacea or “cure-all” by numerous cultures and peoples.


While this is an exaggeration of its abilities its true medicinal value is being demonstrated in modern medical circles.


It was widely used as a painkiller through to the 18th and early 19th Centuries, even counting royalty among the benefactors of its effects, prior to its politically motivated demonization. In the British realm its prevalence in India was used to “demonstrate the savagery of locals” and justify colonial rule.


While in the US it was demonised in conjunction with campaigns to link it to non-white groups in order to criminalise their activities. Designated as being of no medical value and harmful when used recreationally the US’ cultural influence spread this mischaracterisation internationally. In recent history this trend has reversed course with the legalisation and decriminalisation of cannabis for both medical and recreational in numerous countries and territories. 

Cannabis interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS) to produce numerous curative effects. The ECS is involved in the regulation of numerous bodily functions including sleep, appetite control, pain, and immune system response. Medicinal cannabis has been seen to produce beneficial effects in each of these categories as well as a multitude of others.


CBD has been shown to be useful in the reduction of chronic pain by binding to Endocannabinoid receptors. Ailments including sciatic nerve pain, inflammation and arthritis have seen their effects reduced in medical trials when CBD was taken by patients.


This is a crucially important aspect cannabinoid treatment considering the most common present alternative is opioid treatments. Opioid misuse and addiction is presently of major concern worldwide, but most significantly in the US where opioid overdoses are the leading cause of death for those under 50. Much of the issue stems from the abuse of legally prescribed opioids which are subsequently misused, resulting in the taking of cheaper more dangerous narcotics. To date there have been no recorded cannabis deaths or overdoses. As a result, if cannabis-based medicines can replace the use of opioids in pain management lives can be saved.



Medicinal cannabis has also been shown to be very effective in nausea reduction, an effect most useful in treating the side-effects of chemotherapy. For cancer patients cannabis products can provide relief from this horribly unpleasant consequence of their treatment.


For this group it has the added benefit of appetite stimulation. Ailments like cancer and HIV/AIDS strip sufferers of their desire to consume food at a time when they need to receive sufficient nutrition the most. Cannabinoids slow the neurological signals that tell the body not to eat allowing patients to meet their nutritional needs.


Such benefits are not limited to the maintenance of physical health, they also extend into the realm of the mental. Cannabis in various forms has been used in the treatment of a multitude of mental health issues. From soldiers suffering from PTSD having returned from the extreme mental challenges of war, to those suffering from Schizophrenia seeking relief from the challenges of their condition. Cannabis products serve to aid with a multitude of psychosomatic disorders, drastically improving the lives of those living with them.

The legal status of cannabis is one of the most intensely debated political issues of our time. Its historical demonization has made illegality the default position throughout the world, and with this comes entrenched negative stereotypes.


Canada is the only nation to allow both recreational and medicinal use of the drug without caveat or limitation. A further three countries allow legal recreational use but impose limitations on quantities and prohibit its sale.


Numerous states and territories still consider the drug illegal but have exceptions in varying forms. These exceptions include decriminalisation, non-enforcement of cannabis prohibition, allowance owing to specific customs or celebrations, and allowance for specific groups. An example of one such unique exception is that in Barbados cannabis is legal recreationally but only for registered Rastafarians using it for spiritual purposes.

Medicinal Cannabis is more widely legalised. The medical benefits of cannabis have been well demonstrated leaving many nations unable to deny the advantages of allowing its medical use, even if they have been unwilling to legalise it more generally.

Status of Legalisation


Expansion on this front is most easily achieved because its highly regulated nature quells the concerns of many anti-legalisation campaigners.


Medicinal cannabis is not the final frontier of legalisation though. MGMC is a testament to the potential of licensed growth programmes. For nations not yet ready to undertake broader legalisation the provision of licences allows for the development of a cannabis industry and the enormous benefits it provides. Some of the biggest proponents of such an approach can be found the region of Sub-Saharan Africa where MGMC operates. Lesotho’s legalisation of Medical Cannabis has caused neighbouring East African countries to follow suit. MGMC’s strong relationship with the government of Lesotho, as well as with the other 5 nations within we operate, has allowed it to secure the required national licenses for cannabis production.


In demonstrating the value of this approach MGMC aims to further the push for the incredible capabilities of cannabis to be fully explored, in an environment where to do so is not illegal.

About Medical Cannabis

Hear MGMC President Michael Patterson discuss the medicinal cannabis industry

Hear more from Michael about medicinal cannabis at

African Strains

African landrace strains can trace their origins back more than 3000 years. The 100% pure sativa strains MGMC champions descend directly from the original native African Landrace found throughout the regions wherein MGMC operates.


African landrace strains grow in a variety of climates from the slopes of Kilimanjaro and the plains of the Tanzania Savannah, to the tropical climate of East Africa. Each of these unique climates has accentuated the luxurious nature of the indigenous cannabis landrace strains, producing cannabis plants with very potent THC levels (25%+). The international recreational cannabis market has long been aware of the uplifting effects of the sativa strains, with cannabis tourism now becoming a reality. This is only set to expand as African regions begin to legalise the cannabis industry.

MGMC Group plans to develop a proprietary cannabis strain from African landrace genetics aggregating the benefits of each of the dominant strains found in different regions. In doing so we would be creating several distinctive African strains attributable to each of the countries in which we operate. These African cannabis strains will hold their own unique medicinal benefits suitable for a variety of pathologies. The result will be the establishment of a seed Bank comprised of unique 100% pure Sativa strains descended from a rich African landrace heritage and curated specifically for the pharmaceutical market.


These cannabis strains will not only consistently ensure the best quality product but also produce such results at reduced costs by implementing the widespread cultivation of the numerous varieties we will possess.


The development of such a strain would facilitate MGMC’s continued provision of the highest quality medicinal cannabis products as well as putting the region on the global Cannabis industry map. Part of developing Africa as the world’s next Cannabis Titan.


African Cryptocurrency

MGMC maintains a great deal of interest in the cryptocurrency marketplace. The effective utilisation of blockchain technology holds immense potential for both Cannabis and African commerce. 


For Cannabis, it allows for the negation of bureaucratic obstacles established in an age before true value of the plant was widely realised. 


While for Africa, particularly Southern and Eastern Africa, it facilitates the free flow of foreign currency. This introduces new avenues for investment and development, bringing with it the clearest route to African prosperity.


This said, MGMC is cognisant that it operates in the Eastern and Southern African region at the behest of the various national governments, through their legal licensing protocols. As such, it would always be led by their advice on the opportunity and would never act in a manner which is conflict with any national policy or operational fiscal regimes.


As an African Cannabis company MGMC is watching the numerous groups operating in this area with great interest.

African Cannabis Strains

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