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Compassionate Anchor

Compassionate Pricing Program provides access to the healing properties that Cannabis Medicines provide to those people and communities that could otherwise not afford it.


What is unique about MGMC Groups’ production program is that our reverse engineering of the cost of production and the market value of the medicinal products in comparison to similar products in the Pharma market. MGMC Pharma has the ability to establish an equitable trade model that allows for its Compassionate Pricing model to fit within existing standardised value chains. A unique benefit of the territories we operate in. 


The net result is that as part of our Compassionate Pricing Model, and through access to a pharmaceutical-grade production facility, we will be able to offer to the people of the African continent access to pharmaceutical medicines at substantially reduced-price points.  A means tested provision will ensure those who require the benefits that medicinal cannabis can provide will receive them, regardless of economic standing.


Cannabis medicines were once some of the most commonly used medicines in the world and today medical cannabis is again becoming increasingly significant offering cheap healthcare solutions for a variety of ailments.


The MGMC Group Compassionate Pricing Model will contribute directly to primary and preventative health care on a community level and pharmaceutical medicines for specific conditions.


Our goal is to restore the medicinal legacy between the cannabis plant and the people of Africa.

Compassionate Pricing
Honey Conservation

African Honey Conservation

MGMC Group is committed to the ideals of conservation and community action. This commitment extends to our associated projects, including the protection of indigenous bee populations and the harvesting of the natural organic African honey they produce.

The decline of bee populations in recent years has had measurable and devastating effects on
both people and ecosystems. Much of this can be attributed to human activity, but we at
MGMC believe the ability of people to rectify problems is just as strong as the ability to create them.


In collaboration with local bee preservation organisations MGMC aims to protect bee populations crucial to the survival of local communities. Bees are an essential link in a production chain that feeds millions and allows populations to improve their way of life. The bee farming itself is an exceedingly powerful conservation tool. The strategic placement of hives by local communities can serve a wide range of purposes from pollinating crops acting as a deterrent for encroaching wildlife. The success of bee populations directly translates into the success of local peoples in more ways than one.


In addition to these benefits, a healthy bee population will allow for the development of a range of world class holistic products. The region of Sub-Saharan Africa in which we operate, when compared to more Westernised nations, is all but free of pesticides and pollutants. Allowing for the honey created to be of unmatched quality.


Alongside a range of non-cannabinoid related offerings a selection of CBD infused honey products will be created in conjunction with the conservation efforts. The revenue from these will go in large part towards furthering the protection of bee populations and helping the communities that rely on them.

Our honey focused conservation efforts are another area in which MGMC is proud to say...



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